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We skip the tired event-planning formula to design a day that will WOw you and your guests.

We know that the heart of your event isn’t the details - the food, decorations, and entertainment. It’s sharing your story with the people who matter the most and connecting with them in a meaningful way.

So whether you’re planning a wedding, nonprofit fundraiser, or corporate holiday party, we can help you create an event that makes memories and eaves your guests saying “Wow, that was incredible!”


meet The Team



Kyle started Orange Box Events to fresh-squeeze some creativity into Charleston area events, designing unique occasions that are memorable in all the right ways. He’s planned weddings, corporate functions, summer camps, dinners, and fundraisers, serving intimate groups and crowds of 5,000. Unlike many people, Kyle is most comfortable with a mic in his hand. His ability to dynamically engage a crowd has made him a sought-after emcee and DJ.

Fun Facts

  • Kyle is building a tiny house inside a full-sized school bus.

  • Kyle once rode a bicycle across the United States - that’s 3,300 miles!

  • Kyle’s favorite color is orange... which you probably figured out.


Meryl joined Orange Box after working with Kyle at a local nonprofit and discovering a passion for event planning. She is skilled in logistics, executive administration and team coordination, and currently oversees our operations and scheduling. Meryl is a College of Charleston graduate and currently studying to earn her Master’s of Public Administration from Clemson University. Outside the office, you can find Meryl sipping a vanilla latte or training for her next half-marathon.

Fun Facts

  • Meryl is a full time event planner for Water Mission, a Charleston-based international non-profit.

  • Meryl has attended College of Charleston and is getting her masters at Clemson University

  • Meryl enjoys pickles and sushi...gross




Our Services

A successful event shouldn’t be simplified to a basic formula. And with Orange Box, it’s not. Our event planning and entertainment services can help you create a meaningful, memorable day for all your guests. Want to learn more? We’d love to talk with you.



Anyone can put together a playlist, but there’s an art to reading your crowd and creating a musical experience they’ll enjoy. We know how to create fun and connection on the dance floor with the right atmosphere and music that delights your guests – even the ones you think won’t dance. In fact, we’ve had a bride and groom start off the night by whispering, “We don’t think this crowd will dance. Let’s call it an early night,” and within five songs their guests were making memories on the dance floor. They ended the night asking, “Can we extend the party for an hour?”


Event Planning

Ever go to an event and feel a sense of déjà vu, because it seems like something you’ve already attended? Crafting an experience that stands out - in all the right ways - starts with a fresh strategy that infuses creativity into every detail. We’ll work with you to identify your vision and goals, and then design a day customized to you and your guests. We’ll take care of every item on the to-do list so you can enjoy a smooth day and an experience created just for you.

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Event Consulting

Whether you’ve planned one hundred events or zero, we can help you take your day to the next level. We’ll provide an outsider’s perspective and new ideas to help you meet your goals - like creating lasting memories, boosting fundraising, and increasing attendance. With our consulting services, we’ll help you re-imagine your day and offer full support as you plan and host an unforgettable event.

Our clients say it best

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The reason Kyle excels at what he does is because of his love of people and his love of making something new.
— Lea Caswell - Bride

Lea Caswell

My wedding wouldn't have been the success it was without Kyle's involvement, attention to detail, passion, and creativeness. Kyle wasn't even the hired wedding planner, but he stepped in where he saw a need and did the job better than my official wedding planner. The reason Kyle excels at what he does is because of his love of people and his love of making something new. When he can combine those two passions, something awe inspiring happens and his events are always a success! Kyle loves to be creative and break the mold even from the little things such as a organizing a follow-up meeting to the big things like picking wedding venues to planning city wide event. I trust him with the big picture plan to the smallest detail and can't wait to attend his events in the future.

Kyle has proven to be one of the most creative and talented people I have ever known.
— JC Lopez - Founder of The Zyndicate Group

Kyle has proven to be one of the most creative and talented people I have ever known. He has the ability to step outside the mold and see things from a 30,000ft perspective. He gets the big picture and somehow always amazes me with everything he does. Whether it is crafting a piece of furniture to be used as a focal point in a wedding he is planning or organizing and planning a fund raising event, he excels at everything he is involved in.

JC Lopez
Founder of The
Zyndicate Group


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