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Who we are:

Orangebox is a team committed to creating memorable experiences. From event planning and consulting, to dj'ing and entertaining, to collaborating, dreaming, and bringing a vision to life, we're dedicated to making your memories last. 

What we believe:

We believe in creating memorable experiences
We believe that the right music makes all the difference
We believe that everyone dances
We believe that your event can and should be uniquely different
We believe that the status quo is boring


The Team



Kyle started Orange Box Events with the goal to fresh-squeeze some creativity and individuality into events in Charleston and surrounding areas. Kyle’s planned weddings, corporate functions, summer camps, dinners, and fundraisers for crowds of 10-5,000. Unlike many people, Kyle is most comfortable whenever holding a mic. His ability to dynamically engage a crowd separates him from most every other emcee you’ll meet. If you’re looking for someone with a wide-range of event experience, creative inspiration, a desire push-the-limits and “break the rules”, Kyle’s eager to hear from you.

Fun Facts

  • Kyle is building a tiny house and plans to be living in it full time by the summer of 2019

  • Kyle once rode a bicycle across the United States - that’s 3,300 miles!

  • Kyle’s favorite color is orange...I’m sure you figured that out by now.


Meryl joined Orange Box after discovering her passion for event planning while working for Kyle Whitcroft as an event intern at a local nonprofit. A College of Charleston graduate, she offers a variety of skills in logistics, executive administration and team coordination. Today, she oversees our operations and scheduling. Outside the office, you can find Meryl sipping on a vanilla latte or training for her next half-marathon.

Fun Facts

  • Meryl is currently training for her first half-marathon.

  • Meryl has attended College of Charleston and is getting her masters at Clemson University

  • Merly enjoys pickles and sushi...gross





The Orange Box Events team is ready to tackle your next big event. Whether that’s a wedding, appreciation dinner, or fundraiser - we can’t wait to talk. We’ve all been to too many events that lack creativity, inspiration, and originality.
So, let’s start the conversation and find out how to make your event truly memorable.



Playing music is just a small part of effectively dj’ing a party. We can all create a playlist with the most epic songs - but how will a crowd respond to it? Our team of dj’s go beyond a pre-generated playlists to reading your crowd and playing music that they’ll respond to. No matter what event, we aim to play music that every person will enjoy, and more importantly, music they’ll DANCE to.



Ever go to an event and experience a sense of deja vu - like you’ve already been to that event? Or how about an event that seemed to lack originality or creative flair? At OrangeBox, we believe that events should be custom tailored to meet and exceed the expectations of the group hosting the event, as well as the attendees. Don’t overlook the details that will separate your event from other events, leaving your guests talking about it long after it’s over. Let’s talk about creating a meaningful, intentional, and memorable event together.

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Events can be overwhelming. Whether you’ve planned 100 events or never planned an event, there are so many details to think about. Hiring OrangeBox allows you to explore the details of your event with fresh, outsider's perspective. We want to help you focus your time and efforts on things that matter, and allow you to move on from the things that don’t. Want to increase attendance? Increase fundraising? Create lasting memories? Breathe new life into an old event? Our team has nearly 20 years of combined experience working in the weeds of events and can’t wait to give your event the push it needs to be amazing.

Do we kick ass?

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The reason Kyle excels at what he does is because of his love of people and his love of making something new.
— Lea Caswell - Bride

Lea Caswell

My wedding wouldn't have been the success it was without Kyle's involvement, attention to detail, passion, and creativeness. Kyle wasn't even the hired wedding planner, but he stepped in where he saw a need and did the job better than my official wedding planner. The reason Kyle excels at what he does is because of his love of people and his love of making something new. When he can combine those two passions, something awe inspiring happens and his events are always a success! Kyle loves to be creative and break the mold even from the little things such as a organizing a follow-up meeting to the big things like picking wedding venues to planning city wide event. I trust him with the big picture plan to the smallest detail and can't wait to attend his events in the future.

Kyle has proven to be one of the most creative and talented people I have ever known.
— JC Lopez - Founder of The Zyndicate Group

Kyle has proven to be one of the most creative and talented people I have ever known. He has the ability to step outside the mold and see things from a 30,000ft perspective. He gets the big picture and somehow always amazes me with everything he does. Whether it is crafting a piece of furniture to be used as a focal point in a wedding he is planning or organizing and planning a fund raising event, he excels at everything he is involved in.

JC Lopez
Founder of The
Zyndicate Group


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